Samsung Household Appliances

Effective 1 March 2019, Suter Inox will take over a selection of attractive Samsung household appliances. The Samsung products are chock-full of smart ideas, intelligent functions and the latest technologies to make your work in the kitchen easy, fast and convenient.

Polaris Bronze

The range of decor countertops from Polaris has been enhanced with a new finish in the trendy bronze color. Polaris adds character to any modern kitchen and skillfully combines the functional advantages of stainless steel with an innovative design. A perfect selection for those who seek the exceptional.


The Daneo line of bowls with its high-quality workmanship and contemporary design looks amazing. These models additionally stand out because of their exceptional price-performance ratio. Now the Daneo products have been enhanced by a number of new models.

BORA new products Classic 2.0 and Pure

BORA new products Classic 2.0 and Pure

With the launch of the new Classic 2.0 cooktop extractor system and the Pure compact system, BORA has once again confirmed its outstanding innovative strength. Both products are milestones in development and meet the highest standards of design and flexibility.

Suter Faucets

Independent, timeless, modern and practical at the same time: our Suter faucets are designed to seamlessly blend into any kitchen environment. In addition to the brand new model Seleno, we are also expanding the popular Nivis product range.

Suter Exclusiveness

The brand exclusivities from our range of faucets provide the creative space required for an individual kitchen design. Leading manufacturers such as Dornbracht, KWC, Similor and Grohe guarantee quality workmanship and superior function. Explore our new Similor models now.

Brand faucets

In addition to brand exclusivities, our program also includes the latest innovations from leading brand names, such as Grohe, Hansgrohe and Arwa, providing the highest quality, functional performance and an optimal sense of style.